Bringing together over two decades of
passionate experience in financial advisory

Pravish Chandra

 Founding Director / Mortgage Adviser

                    FSPR– FSP332246

Pravish is the founding director and lead mortgage broker of Lotus Financial Services Ltd. With over eleven years of experience in banking, home finance, and real estate including a career with a major international bank, Pravish founded Lotus Finance with the vision of providing a superior level of tailored service to his clients. Pravish has a background in small business management and has always had a strong interest in the Real Estate industry. But, perhaps, more importantly, he hates hearing about people getting a raw deal. “I fight hard to get the best possible deal for each of my clients”, he said, “… it’s a matter of principle.” He works tirelessly with various financial services providers, including banks and non-banks, to provide solutions that best suit his clients’ financial needs.

Abdul Lateef

Mortgage Support Officer

Abdul brings his passion and vast experience in helping individuals and professionals to get the most out of their deals. He helps Lotus Finance clients to assess whether a client is eligible to borrow money for a house/property. He walks the extra mile to explain mortgage options and bank offers to the client, advises on the structure of mortgages and loans, calculates mortgage repayments, explains the home-buying process to the client, liaises with the bank on the client's behalf, liaises with other parties, such as lawyers, valuers, and real estate agents, on the client's behalf and ensures the client's every need is fulfilled. 

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Kaajal Jogia

Mortgage Advisor 

                       FSPR– FSP769332

Kaajal is a committed financial advisor to help Lotus Finance clients achieve their goals of owning a home or investing in property. 

With 16 years of banking experience with a leading international bank in NZ and experience as a lending manager in a financial services provider, Kaajal is well versed in knowing the application process from end to end. She has the supreme ability to present a complete mortgage application with precision and have a better chance of success. At Lotus Finance, she helps clients to get the most suitable home-loan deal that would work for their current needs and financial capabilities.


Neeraj Prakash

Admin Support

Neeraj is a passionate and committed financial advisor. At Lotus Finance, he helps our clients to achieve their investment goals.

He is well known for his extensive knowledge of investment, banking, and loans. With his decades of experience, he guides to get the best deals. 

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Piyush Kumar

Customer Support, Lotus Finance

Piyush is a highly accomplished, invigorating Executive MBA Business Alumni who has acquired over 3 decades of experience identifying and pursuing investments, partnerships, and process improvement opportunities in multi-industries with a worldwide reputation. 

He has worked with key stakeholders to drive growth through innovation, strategic initiatives, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Leveraging off strong financial acumen to influence and support the organization makes better commercial decisions with highly project management skillsets. Over the years, Piyush has played a key leadership role across mergers & acquisitions, strategic planning, risk management, transformation, continuous improvement, and change management. Proven track record tripling sales volumes, profitability, and return on investment outcomes. 

Pravika Lata

Office Manager, Lotus Finance

Pravika is the Office Manager of Lotus Finance. She is an integral part of Lotus Finance from its inception. She plays a key role in assisting our advisers to help clients achieve their financial goals. She has 15 years of experience in the customer service industry and ensures everything is running smoothly here at Lotus Finance.

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